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Among the many benefits that music holds for children is of course that it acts as a recreative counterbalance – as it also does for us adults. In a world in which creativity and movement is more and more reduced and – as a reaction - the education system excessively boosts the intellect with  individualising results music represents an effective (and relaxing) aspect of a holistic child development.



Early Music and Rhythm Development for Children aged between 2.5 and 6 Years

The children‘s potential, capabilities and skills as well as the traits of their personality are being developed in the following areas:

- singing and speaking
- basic playing of instruments
- movement and dance
- listening to music
- basic knowledge about instruments
- the joy of playing and imagination
- the child‘s emotional world
- willingness to learn and cognitive ability
- social behaviour

Ryhtmisch - musikalische Früherziehung | Dachau


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