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Our job


In our opinion the children’s upbringing and above all their education is a holistic process of development. Therefore it’s our goal to accompany and foster each child individually.


Education always addresses the entire human being in all his characteristics. Each child is entitled to his own time and individual speed of development. It needs access to complex sensory perceptions and the experiences involved in order to tap the world with all its secrets. We support every child in building and expanding its personal identity.


Daily Routine

07:30am     Welcome Time/Free Play
08:30am     Circle Time/Focussed Activities/Free Play/Outdoor Time (Yard)
12:30am     Lunch
01:30pm     Rest Time/Sleep (for the little ones)
02:00pm     Homework/Free Play/Focussed Activities
03:30pm     Snack Time/Free Play/Outdoor Time
04:00pm     Daily varying Focussed Activities/End
05:00pm     End



One of our key aspects is that we foster the children’s development by immersing them into a language. According to the “one person, one language” approach the teachers only speak German or English with the children.


Learning a language by immersion is very effective, as it is similar to how children learn their mother tongue from their parents. The children aren’t taught the language by explaining grammar to them or by drilling vocabulary but simply by the child’s listening to his teachers or to other children speaking in this language. The meaning of the words will become clear to the child because all the teachers’ actions are supported by facial expressions and gestures.


Key Aspect Music

In all the cultures of the world there is the same phenomenon: excited children dancing and singing to a song with elemental joy. In the end, the captivation that comes from music and dance is independent from age, intelligence, culture and also from perception deficits.


Music is seen as a universal language which is with us during our entire life. The experts more and more agree to the fact that particularly the early childhood music education can be vitally important for the child’s development.


The focal point of our concept, therefore, is music and it is not limited to circle time or special focussed activities. With the help of a specialised staff the pedagogic daily routine is shaped in a way that children can experience music in manifold ways.


Free Play

Playing time is education time!
Playing is the children’s main activity and the main way of learning. According to the principle that every child teaches himself the children experience fun playing and learning together in the free play, enjoy the feeling of success, build relationships and also practice the handling of failures and conflicts. They act and research according to their own interests of learning, their own speed and their own stage of development. Playing has a high status in our kindergarten, thus we create space and time for the children to develop their own ideas and to design the everyday life together.



Education takes place every day and cannot be put on a level with a mere transfer of knowledge. Education is always self-education. Children learn by actively participating in everyday life. In Little Footprints an attractive environment and the specialised staff invite the children day by day to learn. The children’s playing is of the utmost importance! Playing means learning! Our key objective is not only to impart knowledge but to foster (or simply to allow) the thirst for knowledge.


Kindergarten | Learning Center Dachau


Daycare times

Our daycare centre is open
Monday to Thursday: 7:30am – 5:00pm
Friday: 7:30am – 4:00pm


We are closed

-    during the Christmas holidays
-    the week after Easter
-    the second week of the Whitsun holidays
-    3 weeks in August
-    individual bridge days
The exact days are always scheduled and published at the beginning of a kindergarten year.


Adaptation Phase

The period of familiarization is a sensitive time, which is according to the individual needs of each and every child. The adaptation phase, which normally lasts 2 – 4 weeks, always takes place with a reference person, who accompanies the child initially. It is important for us that the parents as well as the child gladly come to us with a good feeling



KigaRoo  is our nursery management software via which you can communicate with us and with other parents.

Ihr Zugang zu KigaRoo


Fees - Prices from September 2022

Children aged between 0-3 years (example)
07:30am – 01:00pm    € 456,-    4 – 5 hours
08:00am – 02:00pm    € 494,-    5 – 6 hours
08:00am – 05:00pm    € 608,-    8 – 9 hours
-    the core time is from 08:30am – 12:30am (has to be booked)
-    3 days per week at least have to be booked


Children aged between 3-6 years (example)
07:30am – 01:00pm    € 363,-    4 – 5 hours
08:00am – 02:00pm    € 396,-    5 – 6 hours
08:00am – 05:00pm    € 495,-    8 – 9 hours
-    the core time is from 08:30am – 12:30am (has to be booked)
-    5 days per week have to be booked


School Children/After School Daycare (example)
11:45am – 04:00pm    € 276,-    4 – 5 hours
12:40am – 04:00pm    € 253,-    3 – 4 hours
-    the beginning of the time booked is according to the grade
-    3 days per week at least have to be booked
-    the time booked has at least to be up to 04:00pm
-    booking during holidays included



Prices from September 2022 can be found in the current price list.



Registration of childcare needs in the City of Dachau.

Registration of childcare needs in the City of Dachau.

Registration of childcare needs in the City of Dachau.

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Deadline: March 31, 2022


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