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Who we are

Let’s face it: when do we learn at it’s best? Exactly, if it happens naturally and with lots of fun. In the best case this knowledge will last a lifetime!

This was exactly why, in 2005, I established the Learning Center in Dachau. Since then much has happened: the Team has grown steadily, in 2009 the bilingual kindergarten was added and several hundred children have learnt English over the past years full of enthusiasm with us.

A pleasant and relaxed atmosphere is an essential feature of our daily routine. Thus creativity, fun and joy come about automatically and any form of study matter becomes a child’s play, a piece of cake.

We always delight in exciting encounters in order to leave as many diverse tracks as possible in the children’s and adults’ hearts and thoughts.

Hopefully in yours, too!



1. Why is an early foreign language acquisition so important for children? Is it really true here to say: “The sooner, the better”?

It is important to tap the full potential of little children. Learning a foreign language can have exceptionally positive consequences. The new sound patterns practice active listening which the children also learn to use then as to their mother tongue. They are thus being prepared for the form of listening which is expected from them at school later on.
The social aspect of early language teaching is also quite interesting. The children allocate a meaning to the sounds, to Grammar, to the words and to the sentences. At the same time they develop the ability to adapt to culturally unfamiliar things. (Source: EU - Piccolingo Campaign for Early Language Learning)

2. Could the early acquisition of a foreign language interfere with the mother tongue?

A temporary interference can occur. However, researches have shown that a language acquisition for children 36 months and older does not result in an interference with the mother tongue. Quite the contrary, the feeling for the sound and rhythm of the language is even increased and when the child learns to write in a foreign language, it often tends to naturally compare the two writing approaches.
The ability to make comparisons, which can be classified as a complex thinking process, is definitely practised. It is important to learn the ability to distinguish between superficially similar systems. The children are happy, cooperate and try to communicate, which complies with the performance expected for this stage. (Source: EU - Piccolingo Campaign for Early Language Learning).


3. Is it easier for children having been taught a foreign language at an early age to learn a further language?

It is easier for them when good methodologies and suitable teachers have placed them into stimulating situations in which they have been shown the usefulness of the language. (Source: EU - Piccolingo Campaign for Early Language Learning).

4. My child is already bilingual. Can it learn English nonetheless as a third language or is that too much?

A child can learn up to 5 languages in parallel. It is important that the language is dealt with in a natural and structured way such as in the principle “one person – one language” (language immersion), which is used in our facility.

5. We like to travel outside the holiday seasons. Is that a problem?

No. Feel free to plan your holiday according to your requirements. There is no compulsory attendance in our facility. However, the fees will not be reimbursed for absences of your own making.

6. Is the kindergarten state-aided?

Yes. Our facility is state-approved and supported by the Freistaat Bayern.

7. Do all the teachers speak English?

No. Our team is mixed. Some speak German, some speak English, depending on their mother tongue. However, there are always speakers of both languages present.



Testimonials and Parents’ Comments

I appreciate very much that the children are treated according to their age and with a lot of respect. In the kindergarten as well as in the courses. This is fantastic!
Mother of 2 children (5 + 7), kindergarten and English-course

My children feel very much at home in the facility. As for me, I relish the extensive activities which my children make me see over and over again. I am comfortable especially as a mother, because the facility represents a socially adequate educational approach.
Mother of 2 children (3 + 6) in kindergarten

It is great that there are always sufficient teachers so that the individual child can be responded to.
Mother of 1 child (5) in the kindergarten



Our Fees


45 minutes / week        =        € 59.- / month
60 minutes / week        =        € 64.- / month


Bebop 1 – 3                           € 22,-- / each
Discover with Dex 1 – 2         € 22,-- / each
Tiger Time 1 – 6                     € 31,-- / each
Open World                           € 35,-- / each
Umhängetasche blau              € 4,50

Discount for siblings: 10 % for 2 children, 15 % for 3 children.
No courses during Bavarian school holidays.



The kindergarten fees depend on the child’s age and on the time booked.
Please find an example in the section “Kindergarten” and the complete schedule of fees further down.


Musikalische Frühförderung

30 minutes per week        =        € 32.- monthly
45 minutes per week        =        € 36.- monthly



Learning Center
Augsburgerstr. 38
85221 Dachau
Phone: +49 8131 669016

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