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Bilingualer Kindergarten | Learning Center DachauBilingual Kindergarten

„Little Footprints“


There are a lot of footprints. We‘d like to leave ours in the children‘s hearts and thoughts by letting them experience the fun and joy of learning.

Our days are filled with music, natural science, playing as well as exercise – inside and outside – always in two languages.




Englisch für Kinder | Learning Center Dachau


English for children aged 1 – 16


With lots of fun and happiness, with music and movement, the kids will take part in entertaining lessons in the English language.  Additionally, they will improve on important skills, not just for school, but for their whole lifetime.”

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Early Childhood Musical Development | Learning Center Dachau

Early Childhood Musical Development


Music is fun – already at an early age. And that’s not all.


At pre-school age the potential of the memory, the sense of rhythm and the memory for tone sequences are being developed.

An early and focused musical development does not only provide the children with the chance to discover their musical talents as soon as possible. It also stimulates the linking of the two cerebral hemispheres. Thus, particularly the cognitive ability, concentration, oral expression and interpersonal skills within the group are boosted.





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